Perception: Make it or Break it

A story is worth a thousand words, but only one thing in the end matters. Perception. Perception, a word used so often, but understood so rarely. It is taken so lightly, but is so strong that it can change a life as you see it now. Saying you understand it, well, most of the times that’s bullshit! Because who the hell understands what you’re saying if they can’t see it through your eyes?


You may paint a picture in their mind, but no one else will ever see it as you see it until they see a physicality attached to it. They might even connect to where your perception and imagination is taking you, but they’ll never see the depth of what you’re trying to say. The point of stating all this…you don’t need someone’s opinion if they can’t really see what you’re seeing. No one should tell you what to do or what to be. If they haven’t been through your stage, then what’s the point of trying to make them see?


Why do we search satisfaction in someone else if it exists within us? You may connect with people, you may hold the same perceptions, but what they’ll never be, is you. Or what you’ll never be is them. So why do we waste time trying to make someone else happy if it’s not what they think should factor in. Because isn’t it what we are doing?  Putting their opinion above our own? Why is it so hard for us to just believe? Believe in what we are, in what we want, and how we see things? In the end you’ll become what you think, because that is the only thing you’ll be willing to put effort into. No effort is painless, and no pain is worthless. The end, however, is mostly seen as effortless.


Winter LookBook:Part 2 (An ode to winters)

It is that time of the year where winters are fading away and the beautiful, beautiful winter clothes are saying goodbye!!

But Hey!!

They aren’t completely gone and there is still some chill in the air. With those favourite winter clothes you can still be fashionable and not too warm.

All you’ve got to do is – Layering up, darling!!

And if your facing trouble in layering your winter closet, Elf&T is at your rescue!!

This blog post offers a good number of ideas to wear your simple winter closet in a sheek and yet an edgy way!

These outfits could be carried from college, to brunches ,to a full day out!

Winters are just perfect for a girl of every age with different body types, because you have got a beanie or a hat that could easily ruse a bad hair day, or styles that let you reveal your sexy curves however you want!

So, lets get into the details of this LookBook :

First few pictures show how we have paired up basics and layered them up with some winter outwear, which is perfect for a sunny day with chilly air!

We have three different ways, you can style your basic blue jeans and a white shirt in winter wear.

Basic white shirt

You can combine a basic white shirt and a blue jeans with may be a black or grayish cardigan . A pop of color can always be added with a bright red long overcoat like Anjali. If you are keeping colors minimal in your look , then a bright colored slip-ons would brighten the outfit like those hot pink ones worn by Srishti.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset



Another idea for those who love crochet or may be who haven’t really tried crochet in their outfit is to wear a crochet jacket or a crochet shrug over your white shirt.

Anjali pairs this deep plum colored crochet jacket with a white shirt which works really well !!



That Cold Day…

Next, we have few outfits for that day when its too cold outside.


Black works too good  in winters. So, Srishti made it work wearing black on black and just enhancing the look with a brown leather jacket. She wore a simple black warm turtle neck with a black pair of jeans , a black hat. For layering, a brown leather jacket with leopard print on the inside and a brown ankle length boots.

And it’s not just black, winters let you wear those pastel or light colours too. Anjali wore completely other side of the colours and that too came out superb!! She wore a peachy pink coloured long sweater with black bottoms ,a cream beanie with a orange coloured fluffy scarf. To complete the look, she went with a pair of black flat boots! Check out the pics!


Leather Weather

Winters are incomplete without those leather jackets. These days, people are going for a lot many colours in leather but you’ve got to admit that no colour can beat that classic black leather !!


We have kept it very simple because leather can do most of the work in these outfits. So, Srishti wore a white pullover with a blue pair of jeans and  and black leather . Our favourite part of this look are those silver pair of shoes . It balances that leather look into more of a casual wear  .


Anjali went for a plain black top with black pair of jeans . Oh yess, black on black could be called as our “go to look” for winters. She brought out the whole look with that burgundy fringe scarf and black boots.

So, always try and play with colours . One major tip that you guys should try and follow is that if the outfit you are carrying has just the basic minimal colours like white or black, then try and add some colour with either a scarf or a beanie, or a hat or a bright jacket!!!

Accessories brings out a lot in your look!!


And a good pair of footwear is always a plus.

Just one last idea!


Add multiple layers to your outfit with a turtle neck, a check shirt and a jacket. Srishti does it right…doesn’t she? Voi la baby! You are ready to go!