Perception: Make it or Break it

A story is worth a thousand words, but only one thing in the end matters. Perception. Perception, a word used so often, but understood so rarely. It is taken so lightly, but is so strong that it can change a life as you see it now. Saying you understand it, well, most of the times that’s bullshit! Because who the hell understands what you’re saying if they can’t see it through your eyes?


You may paint a picture in their mind, but no one else will ever see it as you see it until they see a physicality attached to it. They might even connect to where your perception and imagination is taking you, but they’ll never see the depth of what you’re trying to say. The point of stating all this…you don’t need someone’s opinion if they can’t really see what you’re seeing. No one should tell you what to do or what to be. If they haven’t been through your stage, then what’s the point of trying to make them see?


Why do we search satisfaction in someone else if it exists within us? You may connect with people, you may hold the same perceptions, but what they’ll never be, is you. Or what you’ll never be is them. So why do we waste time trying to make someone else happy if it’s not what they think should factor in. Because isn’t it what we are doing?  Putting their opinion above our own? Why is it so hard for us to just believe? Believe in what we are, in what we want, and how we see things? In the end you’ll become what you think, because that is the only thing you’ll be willing to put effort into. No effort is painless, and no pain is worthless. The end, however, is mostly seen as effortless.



  1. Anuj · February 28, 2016

    Point taken . If you feel good about it , go ahead – let your discretion and judgement lead the way . But the problem with life is that it is to be lived forwards and understood backwards . Our experiences along the way have a profound influence on the subsequent choices we make . Every 10 years one is forced to sit up and set a new agenda . No one philosophy can guide you for 50 years . Learning and adapting are unalterable facts of life . Even then , the vast majority of us lead lead lives of “quiet desperation ” full of remorse and regrets . A life where no lessons were learnt . A human being is biologically a pack or herd animal – there is no denying that – we are dogs and not cats . The habit of conforming to the mores of our herd are deeply ingrained . Loss of individuality and originality is the price we pay for the comfort and convenience of belonging to the herd . It is a difficult trade off . It takes a lot of courage to stand alone or march to a different drummer . It is a rare person indeed who can look any man in the eye and ask him to go to hell . Flowing along with the current is easy , striking out on your own takes tremendous amount of courage and mental strength – possibly a measure of pigheadedness too . Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea .

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  2. eddietaughtme · March 23, 2016

    “There’s no ultimate reality in life. The only truth is perception.”

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