Is the decision you made yours?

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Are you one of those people who always consider how everyone else is feeling about what you do? Do you have this nagging feeling of getting someone else’s opinion and then taking a decision? Are you sure that the people whom you ask to advise you will always be there to help you through the consequences- come hell or high water? What is the guarantee that you can always rely on them?  Do you think what they have to say matters?

Well, we are not saying the that taking advise is wrong. Duh, we do it ourselves. But do we let what someone else think overrule what we want? Hmm…

You know what we think? Everything finally comes down to making a choice. Choosing is not always as easy as picking up your favourite food (well, that’s one of the hardest decisions for us).  But what we have learnt till now is that if you must choose, then you should choose for you.

If there’s anyone who is going to choose you over anyone else, it’s you. Only you have the power to rise above what others think about you. Wanting someone to choose you is all nice and dandy, BUT does it happen in real?

How many times are you going to let others pull the decision out of your hands because you want them to choose you? The harsh truth is that they might never choose you. They have enough people around them to tell to that you are special, that you mean a lot to them, and that they’ll never forget you. But my friend, it’s just pretty words that are empty inside. Just believe in yourself, realize the power you have, and be strong. That’s all you can do. After all, no one knows you like you do. Go for what you want, do what you feel is right. If people support you, that’s well and good. But if they don’t, don’t let it get to you. Have faith. Trust your gut instinct. It is going to take some time, nothing comes easy. But in the end, you can say that it was your decision, and purely yours. No one is responsible for what you make of yourself, but you. Realize this, and breathe easy. Love yourself, and give yourself a break. Be resilient, diligent and let go. Because you matter.