Am I Me?

Judged, plagued, bitten and chewed.

Thrown, crushed, ignored and flushed.

I am so tired.

Can I just be honest?

I tried, I really tried.

To be who you want me to be.

To be who they wanted me to be.

I just wanted to be me.

Not feeling accepted, always rejected, I copied.

So that I can be adapted.

So that I can be liked.

So that I can be loved.

Even if for only a little while

It’s bitter. It’s cruel. But it is the truth.

No matter who I try to be, I will always be me.

But why am I even trying to be someone they like, someone you like,

When I am the happiest when I am me?

Now I don’t even know who I am.

So many faces that I have.

It’s hard to recognize yourself with all the facades you keep.

And then you realize,you should have always been who you are, and who you wanted to be.

Now I promise you, I will try my best to be me.

And if you don’t like me?

Then darling, you are just a wasted dream.




A’MEN – summer collection 2016

aThere’s something very soothing in being surrounded by nature. Everything is so different from each other, yet somehow it all blends in so beautifully creating an aura of serenity and tranquillity. Your day takes a hike from normal to awesome. And it’s all because you are simply content and happy in simply existing in its beauty. The fresh air has such a potent effect on you. It calms you, and comforts you.

That’s what the A’MEN collection “Botanical Garden” at Shahpur Jat was all about! Easy, breezy, springy and light- it was a breath of fresh air amongst the regular easy blending looks! Even though the subtle colours used will easily fit you in the crowd, the intricate designs woven into the fabric will make you stand out at the same time. French knots, chain-stitch, pure linen, surface textured cottons, floral and georgette- what’s not to love? Classy and fitting, right?


The inspiration struck the duo, Siddharth and Apporav, through the trip that Siddharth took to Bhutan. With numerous flowers budding there, he says that he took thousands of photographs.Hitting motivation was natural. All of the unusual ferns and petals, along with Apporav’s love for subtle colours, their collection was aesthetically appealing.


Oh, and not to forget  that sheer shirt, the one that stole the show!


Even the shoes were on point.

And if that’s not enough, they had a beautiful garden like set up to show it off. Had you been there, you would have left with a give away and a pot to plant. Aren’t these two souls nature lovers now? And of course, their amazing baked goodies with Budweiser in hands made all the more worth it. Good going A’MEN!