A Random Thought

Trying to write something meaningful

Getting lost in the haze

And a dizziness that accompanies that daze

Had a feeling that I will feel low

So I planned to keep it low key

Had a feeling that it will go away

Hence, I waited

There’s no good without the bad

If it was, I wouldn’t know the bad

There’s no distinction between a monster and a mortal,

If there was, a mortal wouldn’t be so monstrous

To leave your child like that?

To leave your parents like that?

To cheat and to beg?

For what do I exist?

What is the purpose?

Have you imagined your life like me?

Or are you too busy to dream?

Are dreams our reality?

Or are they just a delusion, keeping us sane for the reality?

Am I the only one lost here?

Or are we lost souls with a mission for the greater purpose?

It’s a random thought,

But it’s still a thought.

Unimportant, invalid and unreliable,

There’s still some truth and some flaw in that thought.

-courtesy: beingnormalisabnormal