Most Beautiful…

Parents and their new life

You’re born crying from a mother’s womb
She feeds you, nurtures you and loves you
Your father bends on his knees for you,
He works harder for you so he can pay for your toys,
And you can never imagine the love and adoration he has for you
It’s wondrous for your parents to see you growing up
It makes them so happy, and yet so sad
Their little one is all growing up so fast!
They wanted more time, but the time kept running away
They wanted more life, and it too is running away
They forgot their dreams to complete yours
They forgot their desires to feed you
And they forgot to live their life so you can live yours
They slept less, for your dreams
They ate less, to have you fed well
And yet, the destiny comes in their way
You’re 5, then 10, and then a teenager
You rage, you fight them, your hormones wager
Can you please be calm and help them understand?
Can you please just stop and look back at their restlessness?
Can you love them; hold them, through their years?
Can you be the one to hold their dreams dear?
Because then you’re going to go and have your own family someday,
You’ll be too busy, but keep them in your mind and heart always, eh?They are also humans, and they have an end
Please give them the most peaceful and happy life that you can.
Life is too short to have regrets.
Your dreams are not more important than them.
So, live a little darling, don’t get lost in the haze,
Consider them a part of your fate that you nourish and love, and always celebrate.
Because you both together can give life to each other’s dream.
You just have to breathe the life back into them,
that they forgot to live.


One comment

  1. Anuj · March 14, 2017

    Beautiful , bete . So touching . May every father in the world be blessed with a daughter like you .

    Liked by 1 person

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