First Health Blog…

Hi guys!

This is my first health blog. I am no expert at this, but I have lost around 20 kg. So I am just sharing what I went through, and what I did do to help me achieve that. I am just sharing a few key points that have kept me sane and consistent in my efforts.

  1. You can’t sit and get fit.

    Well, this is as obvious as it can get. To see the change, you need to change. Change your habits, your thoughts and overall, aim for a better you. Physically and mentally. You want to have a drink? Go walk down the lane, save the fuel, and maybe take a taxi when you come back if you took some hard drinks you couldn’t handle. Because hey, safety is as important. 

  2. Exercise. 

    Yes people. Exercise is important! Go strengthen your muscles, and built up some stamina to run. This will increase your metabolism and help you break down the energy faster for your body to consume. In simple terms, it will burn calories faster.

  3. What you eat is what you become. 

    No, No. If you eat chicken, you won’t become one. Stop taking everything so literally. Please ignore my lame attempt at a joke. What you eat literally matters though. If you think eating pizza will score you those abs, just because you are exercising, then you, my friend are living in an alternate universe. Please give yourself a reality check and think it over. If you eat a pizza slice, with 285 calories on an average, and you are burning 500 calories a day, you might achieve your goal to get slim. But only if you don’t eat anything else. But hey, you can drink water. It is zero calories after all.  But you will no way be near healthy. So I suggest you to please think over what you take in. Your stomach is not a garbage tin, and your digestive system is not a recycle bin.

  4. Aim. 

    Set a goal. Give yourself something challenging and engaging. But be realistic. Don’t aim for a body like this or that. Aim for a better you. Just keep yourself motivated by keeping your ‘this or that’ in mind. #bodygoals ;p.

  5. Mindset. 

    Believe it or not, everything changes with your mindset. You are whatever you are today because of what you think. Because what you think is what you will do. That is what you will end up becoming.

  6. Consistency. 

    Be consistent. Realize that you will be disappointed, hurt, happy, angry and feel like giving up, but please don’t. Because consistency pays off. It will change your life, change your mind, and in the end take you to a better you.

  7. Drink water and savor those cheat meals. 

    Yes, you have heard it everywhere. I will say it again. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. And hey, cheat meals are rare, so savor them. Just don’t overdo it, or you will end up hurting yourself. 

For me, going through each and every step has been a life changing journey. It is important that we believe in what we are doing, because we can, and we will. We are as important as anybody else. So we need to work on ourselves. Change is consistent, so we need to constantly evolve with it. Retrospect and reflect.

I hope you guys like it. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one.

Thanks guys. XOXO.