Irreversible Soul

It’s such a sordid tale
With all its glory
It’s still painful and plain
An everyday occurrence, let’s say.
Can you imagine looking out of your window to see the sunlight?
It’s only dark here in her paradise
She looks at the stars at night
Thinking what it would be like to be one
She paints her dreams every night
With her tears and her blood
It’s okay that you’ve crushed her
Even when all she wanted was to live
She’ll live with it
Because all she has ever done right was to not live
She breathed in your words
She closed her soul
Letting you think she is okay
But in the end
All she had was a body
that was soulless.





I am not a frequent writer, nor am I an excellent one, but I like what words can do for you. It can take you to places you’ve never been before. Or it can bring out your imagination to life.Make it more real. Writing, somehow, makes the world more tangible. Read More

A trip to Nainital

I didn’t plan to post about my trip. As you all know, we don’t post much about ourselves. We like to keep it that way. But then I thought, why the hell not? So here are a few pictures about my(Anjali’s) trip to Nainital. And the outfits, of course. I don’t remember all the information about them, but I will try to put the names of the brands at the very least.

Outfit #1IMG_20170501_130845205.jpg


Jumpsuit : – Vero Moda
Shoes – Nike
Jewellery – local store

Outfit #2IMG_20170502_110152132_HDR

Shirt – Allen Solly
Skirt – Local store


Outfit #3


Blue Dress – can’t remember (forgive me)
Maroon Dress – Vero Moda
Leather Jackets – Flea Market, DLF Promenade, Saket


Since we were there for three days, so here we are – 3 easy, comfortable outfits! I hope you all like them. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like these.

Thank you.

First Health Blog…

Hi guys!

This is my first health blog. I am no expert at this, but I have lost around 20 kg. So I am just sharing what I went through, and what I did do to help me achieve that. I am just sharing a few key points that have kept me sane and consistent in my efforts.

  1. You can’t sit and get fit.

    Well, this is as obvious as it can get. To see the change, you need to change. Change your habits, your thoughts and overall, aim for a better you. Physically and mentally. You want to have a drink? Go walk down the lane, save the fuel, and maybe take a taxi when you come back if you took some hard drinks you couldn’t handle. Because hey, safety is as important. 

  2. Exercise. 

    Yes people. Exercise is important! Go strengthen your muscles, and built up some stamina to run. This will increase your metabolism and help you break down the energy faster for your body to consume. In simple terms, it will burn calories faster.

  3. What you eat is what you become. 

    No, No. If you eat chicken, you won’t become one. Stop taking everything so literally. Please ignore my lame attempt at a joke. What you eat literally matters though. If you think eating pizza will score you those abs, just because you are exercising, then you, my friend are living in an alternate universe. Please give yourself a reality check and think it over. If you eat a pizza slice, with 285 calories on an average, and you are burning 500 calories a day, you might achieve your goal to get slim. But only if you don’t eat anything else. But hey, you can drink water. It is zero calories after all.  But you will no way be near healthy. So I suggest you to please think over what you take in. Your stomach is not a garbage tin, and your digestive system is not a recycle bin.

  4. Aim. 

    Set a goal. Give yourself something challenging and engaging. But be realistic. Don’t aim for a body like this or that. Aim for a better you. Just keep yourself motivated by keeping your ‘this or that’ in mind. #bodygoals ;p.

  5. Mindset. 

    Believe it or not, everything changes with your mindset. You are whatever you are today because of what you think. Because what you think is what you will do. That is what you will end up becoming.

  6. Consistency. 

    Be consistent. Realize that you will be disappointed, hurt, happy, angry and feel like giving up, but please don’t. Because consistency pays off. It will change your life, change your mind, and in the end take you to a better you.

  7. Drink water and savor those cheat meals. 

    Yes, you have heard it everywhere. I will say it again. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. And hey, cheat meals are rare, so savor them. Just don’t overdo it, or you will end up hurting yourself. 

For me, going through each and every step has been a life changing journey. It is important that we believe in what we are doing, because we can, and we will. We are as important as anybody else. So we need to work on ourselves. Change is consistent, so we need to constantly evolve with it. Retrospect and reflect.

I hope you guys like it. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one.

Thanks guys. XOXO.


Most Beautiful…

Parents and their new life

You’re born crying from a mother’s womb
She feeds you, nurtures you and loves you
Your father bends on his knees for you,
He works harder for you so he can pay for your toys,
And you can never imagine the love and adoration he has for you
It’s wondrous for your parents to see you growing up
It makes them so happy, and yet so sad
Their little one is all growing up so fast!
They wanted more time, but the time kept running away
They wanted more life, and it too is running away
They forgot their dreams to complete yours
They forgot their desires to feed you
And they forgot to live their life so you can live yours
They slept less, for your dreams
They ate less, to have you fed well
And yet, the destiny comes in their way
You’re 5, then 10, and then a teenager
You rage, you fight them, your hormones wager
Can you please be calm and help them understand?
Can you please just stop and look back at their restlessness?
Can you love them; hold them, through their years?
Can you be the one to hold their dreams dear?
Because then you’re going to go and have your own family someday,
You’ll be too busy, but keep them in your mind and heart always, eh?They are also humans, and they have an end
Please give them the most peaceful and happy life that you can.
Life is too short to have regrets.
Your dreams are not more important than them.
So, live a little darling, don’t get lost in the haze,
Consider them a part of your fate that you nourish and love, and always celebrate.
Because you both together can give life to each other’s dream.
You just have to breathe the life back into them,
that they forgot to live.

A Random Thought

Trying to write something meaningful

Getting lost in the haze

And a dizziness that accompanies that daze

Had a feeling that I will feel low

So I planned to keep it low key

Had a feeling that it will go away

Hence, I waited

There’s no good without the bad

If it was, I wouldn’t know the bad

There’s no distinction between a monster and a mortal,

If there was, a mortal wouldn’t be so monstrous

To leave your child like that?

To leave your parents like that?

To cheat and to beg?

For what do I exist?

What is the purpose?

Have you imagined your life like me?

Or are you too busy to dream?

Are dreams our reality?

Or are they just a delusion, keeping us sane for the reality?

Am I the only one lost here?

Or are we lost souls with a mission for the greater purpose?

It’s a random thought,

But it’s still a thought.

Unimportant, invalid and unreliable,

There’s still some truth and some flaw in that thought.

-courtesy: beingnormalisabnormal




Dilemma…or delusion?

Nothing is easy…looking but not seeing, feeling everything but guilty, trying but not putting in enough efforts – that’s what I thought was easy. But when I started to see, I couldn’t just look; when I wanted to feel something but guilty, guilt drowned me; and when I started to put all the efforts in, I couldn’t just not put in all the efforts anymore. I could never go back to the things I thought were easy. I used to think that digging deeper was the answer. Well, in my experience, things often defied that belief. I wanted to just pass by and not look over my shoulder. That was unfortunately, too tempting. I looked back. When I looked over my shoulder, I saw, and I felt. I put in all of me out there. That wasn’t enough though. For the first time, I started to believe…to wholeheartedly have faith and wished for it so hard that moving mountains with bare hands would have been an easier and more reasonable wish. I am trying to still believe, but my faith is shaky, it’s doubtful and I feel like it’s impractical. Can you tell me if I should still keep moving? It’s a silly question, considering I probably won’t ever give up. But should I believe in it so much that it comes true? Or would that be too delusional?

Am I Me?

Judged, plagued, bitten and chewed.

Thrown, crushed, ignored and flushed.

I am so tired.

Can I just be honest?

I tried, I really tried.

To be who you want me to be.

To be who they wanted me to be.

I just wanted to be me.

Not feeling accepted, always rejected, I copied.

So that I can be adapted.

So that I can be liked.

So that I can be loved.

Even if for only a little while

It’s bitter. It’s cruel. But it is the truth.

No matter who I try to be, I will always be me.

But why am I even trying to be someone they like, someone you like,

When I am the happiest when I am me?

Now I don’t even know who I am.

So many faces that I have.

It’s hard to recognize yourself with all the facades you keep.

And then you realize,you should have always been who you are, and who you wanted to be.

Now I promise you, I will try my best to be me.

And if you don’t like me?

Then darling, you are just a wasted dream.



Is the decision you made yours?

eagle-soaring-into-sunset copy.jpg

Are you one of those people who always consider how everyone else is feeling about what you do? Do you have this nagging feeling of getting someone else’s opinion and then taking a decision? Are you sure that the people whom you ask to advise you will always be there to help you through the consequences- come hell or high water? What is the guarantee that you can always rely on them?  Do you think what they have to say matters?

Well, we are not saying the that taking advise is wrong. Duh, we do it ourselves. But do we let what someone else think overrule what we want? Hmm…

You know what we think? Everything finally comes down to making a choice. Choosing is not always as easy as picking up your favourite food (well, that’s one of the hardest decisions for us).  But what we have learnt till now is that if you must choose, then you should choose for you.

If there’s anyone who is going to choose you over anyone else, it’s you. Only you have the power to rise above what others think about you. Wanting someone to choose you is all nice and dandy, BUT does it happen in real?

How many times are you going to let others pull the decision out of your hands because you want them to choose you? The harsh truth is that they might never choose you. They have enough people around them to tell to that you are special, that you mean a lot to them, and that they’ll never forget you. But my friend, it’s just pretty words that are empty inside. Just believe in yourself, realize the power you have, and be strong. That’s all you can do. After all, no one knows you like you do. Go for what you want, do what you feel is right. If people support you, that’s well and good. But if they don’t, don’t let it get to you. Have faith. Trust your gut instinct. It is going to take some time, nothing comes easy. But in the end, you can say that it was your decision, and purely yours. No one is responsible for what you make of yourself, but you. Realize this, and breathe easy. Love yourself, and give yourself a break. Be resilient, diligent and let go. Because you matter.

Perception: Make it or Break it

A story is worth a thousand words, but only one thing in the end matters. Perception. Perception, a word used so often, but understood so rarely. It is taken so lightly, but is so strong that it can change a life as you see it now. Saying you understand it, well, most of the times that’s bullshit! Because who the hell understands what you’re saying if they can’t see it through your eyes?


You may paint a picture in their mind, but no one else will ever see it as you see it until they see a physicality attached to it. They might even connect to where your perception and imagination is taking you, but they’ll never see the depth of what you’re trying to say. The point of stating all this…you don’t need someone’s opinion if they can’t really see what you’re seeing. No one should tell you what to do or what to be. If they haven’t been through your stage, then what’s the point of trying to make them see?


Why do we search satisfaction in someone else if it exists within us? You may connect with people, you may hold the same perceptions, but what they’ll never be, is you. Or what you’ll never be is them. So why do we waste time trying to make someone else happy if it’s not what they think should factor in. Because isn’t it what we are doing?  Putting their opinion above our own? Why is it so hard for us to just believe? Believe in what we are, in what we want, and how we see things? In the end you’ll become what you think, because that is the only thing you’ll be willing to put effort into. No effort is painless, and no pain is worthless. The end, however, is mostly seen as effortless.